English language cast album from Aarhus Teater, feat. Maria Lucia
100,00 DKK
16 songs in Danish from the critically acclaimed 2018 Danish production. Featuring: Stig Rossen, Xenia Lach-Nielsen, Bjarne Langhoff and others. London Studio Orchestra conducted by Mikkel Rønnow
150,00 DKK
Chess Badge, black Merchandise
Nice and classy black badge with white logo. Ø 3 cm.
10,00 DKK
Chess Badge, white Merchandise
Nice and classy white badge with black logo. Ø 3 cm.
10,00 DKK
The original programme from the 2018 Danish production. 48 pages and a true collector's must-have
50,00 DKK
Chess Tote Bag Merchandise
Enjoy flashing the iconic Chess logo whenever you're shopping...
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